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Is your tub damaged by chemicals and cleaners?  If your tub is a color you don't like?  Restore your surfaces to like-new condition in just a few hours.  Reglazing saves money too;  you'll save up to 80% over replacing your old surfaces.



Reglazing Services Include:



Bathtubs - cast iron and fiberglass tub units


Porcelain and ceramic tile


Sinks - kitchen and bathroom


Backsplashes - kitchen and bathroom


We know you have many questions about the reglazing process.  These Frequently Asked Questions will address many of your concerns.


Is porcelain used to refinish the bathtub?


No one can put porcelain back on your tub. The process of applying porcelain requires the bathtub to be heated to around 1800 degrees Fahrenheit, which cannot be done in your home.


How long does it take to do?


Most bathtubs can be refinished within a 1 1/2 to 4 hour period. If you are having the tile walls refinished as well, the time frame will vary with the amount of tile, as well as the condition of all the surfaces to be done.


How long before it can be used?


All reglazed items will be out of use for 48-72 hours. This 'slow cure' product results in a more durable finish when compared to materials that have an accelerant added to speed up the dry time.


How long does refinishing last?


You will want to keep in mind that there is no surface that will last forever, not even porcelain.  Depending on the use and abuse that the tub is put through, refinishing will last about 10 years.  If the finish is properly maintained, we have seen it last much longer.


If there is damage from water leaks, chips, drain openers, etc., can it be repaired?


Yes. The procedure used would depend on the size, severity, and location of the damaged area(s).  Charges may apply.


Can I change the color?


Yes. With refinishing, you can go from any color to any color. Please keep in mind all custom colors are matched on site, and if you want it matched to your new sink then the sink should available.


Can I have the tub and tile reglazed in different colors?


Absolutely. This procedure is more involved and will require the bathroom to be out of use a little longer. What you can expect: all surfaces would be prepped and primed, and the color will be applied to the walls. After a 1-2 days of drying, we would return and coat the tub in the second color.  


My tub has been done before, can it be refinished again?


Yes. This would require some form of stripping. If the old material is compatible with our products, the surface will be sanded flat. If the old material is not compatible, or has extensive damage, it will be removed with a chemical stripper. Charges will apply for either process.


If I damage the reglazed surface, can it be repaired?


Yes, the finish can be repaired. The procedure of repairing the surface will be determined by how the damage was incurred, where it is, and how extensive the damage is.


When can I have my tub reglazed?


We offer appointments Monday thru Saturday, with morning or early afternoon arrival times.


Should I remove the fixtures, drain, etc.?


No. During the preparation of the surface, the refinisher will use 15gal. of water, or more. Once the preparations are done, the trip-lever and hair trap will be removed if possible. And the faucets will be masked off.


Do I need to remove the non-slip stickers off the bathtub?


Not usually. With most bathtubs, the non-slip stickers can be removed easily by the refinisher, however, if there are an excessive number of stickers, there may be an additional charge. Once the non-slip stickers are removed, sometimes damaged areas are revealed, which can range from very minor to severe. If   this is the case, the refinisher would discuss options of repairs and any charges that might apply.


If the toilet/vanity is close to the tub, is this going to be a problem?


Yes, this can pose a problem. Any item closer than 6" should be removed prior to the refinisher’s arrival.  If any obstacle is not removed, the finish in that area may not be as smooth as the rest of the bathtub.


Do I need to do anything before the refinisher arrives?


Yes, there are a few things we ask you to have done before the refinisher arrives. Please have the tub clean (it does not need to be spotless), the shower curtains or shower doors need to be removed, and any loose personal items (curtains, rugs, hand towels, knickknacks, etc.,) should be put away.


We are planning on replacing the plumbing.


Changing the faucet, handles, or any parts of the bathtub plumbing should be done before having the tub or tile reglazed.


We are remodeling the bathroom.  Do we have the tub reglazed first?


No. Despite what your plumber or 'tile guy' says, it is easier for us to protect your new fixtures, as opposed to the 'tile guy' turning off gravity. Therefore, most of the remodeling, such as replacement of the surrounding walls, floor, plumbing, fixtures, a window over or near the tub, etc., should be completed first. The exception to this would be painting or putting up wall-paper, can be done several weeks before or after any reglazing is done.


Will the new tiles on my floor and walls be protected?


Yes. Before any spraying is done, the borders of the surface to be refinished are masked off with 18" masking paper and professional masking tape. If needed, we will also use drop cloths and/or plastic sheeting.


What about my shower doors?


The shower doors must be removed, allowing the refinisher complete access to the bathtub surface. The tracks should be removed, so that a seamless coating can be applied. We understand that many homeowners are unable to remove the tracks without damaging them, don't panic. As long as the track that rests on the ledge is secure we can work around them. In those cases, the customer must maintain caulking under the shower track at all times.


I'm having my tile reglazed.  Will this take care of loose tiles or missing grout?


Not to that extent. What refinishing can repair is minor damage, such as nicks, chips and scratches on tiles, and small spots in the grout lines. We recommend any loose, missing, or seriously damaged tiles be repaired or replaced several days before your appointment. This also applies to damaged grout lines, when there is more than minimal damage.


If I decide to refinish the tile walls, can this be done after the tub reglazing?


Yes, however this will cost a little more than If you had them done at the same time. Since we use the same acid-etch process to prepare the tile surface, it is possible that some damage may occur to the bathtub finish, requiring another coating to be applied.


Is there an odor?


The process has an odor very similar to the smell of nail polish. Most of our customers feel the first 4 hours are the strongest. To keep the smell to a minimum, the refinisher will use an exhaust fan in the bathroom window, or make use of another window in the home.


If the house is vacant, do I need the water, heat, and electrical on?


Yes. Water and electricity are needed for all refinishing work to be done. Heat becomes more of an issue during the colder months of the year. The temperature should be around 72 degrees.


Why is refinishing better than a bath liner?


Even bath liners can be damaged or fail. Many times, the seal around the liner fails and allows water to accumulate between the old and new surfaces. When this occurs, the stagnant water creates a "squishy" feeling, as well as allowing mold to grow. Many liners have a boxy look and you would have to spend more money to have a contoured one instead.  The cost of liners is considerably more expensive, ranging from $600 to more than $1,000.  Finally, many liner companies will not install just a tub unit anymore, or if they do they will not warranty it if a wall unit is not installed as well. This also raises the costs to the homeowner.


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